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    What You Need to Know about California Short Term Health Insurance

    California short term health insurance policies can provide a safety zone for people who are moving from one life event to the other without having a backup plan in the form of a health plan. The name says it all; these health insurance policies are a momentary solution for a short-termed insurance gap. But it doesn’t qualify to the fact that they are useless; there are many situations when these policies could be the only way out.

    Most of the plans usually last for 6months and they can be later renewed for 36months. The process is not at all complicated and an application is needed after which the policies can be issued the nest day. Majority of these insurances take credit card payments.

    One thing that needs to be remembered is that these short-termed plans are not made to cover any of the pre-existing conditions and are defined as any condition that you had during the 36 month period prior to the start of coverage. It is very important for a person to reply to the questions in the health insurance form with complete honesty because in other case you can be stuck in a situation which will be contradicting your statements.

    All the California short-term health insurance policies have very clearly defined limitations so a person needs to go through them pretty carefully.

    Who can use short-term insurance?

    Individuals who are temporarily out of work:

    People who are in between their jobs are one of the biggest circles who opt for these insurances.

    Employees who are newly hired:

    A person who starts a new job waits for the time when he will be getting the company’s group health plan but this takes some time. In order to avoid the lapse in the health coverage, one may opt for these short-term insurances to fill out the gap.

    People waiting to qualify for a standard health insurance policy:

    People who apply for the private-market individual health policies usually do not like waiting till the time their applications get approved to so cover over this time, they usually opt for these California short-term health insurance policies.

    Those losing dependent status:

    If you’re a student and have reached the age where you’ll be cut off from your parents health insurance and you are not yet enrolled as a full-time student then a short-term insurance may be your cup of tea. A California short-term health insurance policy would keep you secure under insurance with low premiums even.