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    How to be eligible for a low cost car insurance California program:

    Getting a low cost car insurance California with some great customer service is something that everyone in the United States wants. Car insurance policies are not only a pretty important aspect but they are that one thing that protects a person from financial losses as well.

    The best way to find the lowest of costing coverage is to get hold of rates of many other reputable carriers. This way a person can compare the rates and policies. Few websites help customers by providing them a list of rates of other companies which facilitates people greatly.

    A carrier may give low rates to a certain person while for another person the low cost car insurance California may not be so easy to get. This discrimination is done on several bases that these carries have made and a person is determined on these bases before giving him the rates.

    The basic level on which a person is judged for the rates is the car, the place where he lives and where he parks the car when it is not being used.

    There has been quite some talk regarding these basis that carriers put and a lot of people have tried to put laws on such discrimination; however, using the territory as one of the basis to determine the rates for people is completely legal and many carriers even practice it.

    Drivers who live in areas that have a lot of traffic, their premium is quite high comparatively to others. For people who have allow set income but they live in places that have high traffic, government has devised some special programs and low cost car insurance California programs keep that in mind.

    There is an eligibility criterion which one must fulfill to gain benefit from this program:

    · The income of the person must be equal to or less than $27,225 if the person is single, $36,775 if two people reside, $55,875 if there are 4 people together and for 8 people the amount is $94,075.

    · A person must also fulfill the category of being a ‘good’ driver which means that he must not have more than one accident in which he was at fault and no more than one violation point in three years.

    · Minimum age must be 19 and the driver must be licensed for 3 consecutive past years.

    · Other limitations may vary and apply for the low cost car insurance California program.